Book list for post graduate student

Classical Mechanics
  • V.Barger, M.Olsson, Classical Mechanics : A Modern Perspective
  • Fowles, Analytical Mechanics
  • Marion and Thornton, Classical Dynamics and Systems
  • R. Becker, Introduction to Theoretical Mechanics


  • John David Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics
  • Griffiths, Introduction to Electrodynamics
  • Reitz, Milford and Christie, Foundations of Electromagnetic Theory

Quantum Theory I
  • Shankar, Principles Quantum Mechanics
  • Griffiths, Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • Ernest S. Abers, Quantum Mechanics
  • Stephen Gasiorowicz, Quantum Physics
  • N. Zettili, Quantum Mechanics
  • Liboff, Introductory Quantum Mechanics
  • Amit Goswami, Quantum Mechanics

Statistical Physics

  • K. Huang, Statistical Mechanics 2nd Ed.
  • K. Huang, Introduction to Statistical Physics
  • Greiner, Neise, Stoecker, Thermodynamics and statistical MechanicsR.K. Pathria, Statistical Mechanics
  • Adkins, Equilibrium Thermodynamics
  • Daniel Schroeder, An Introduction to Thermal Physics
  • Reif, Statistical Mechanics
  • Kroemer and Kittel, Thermal PhysicsLim, Yung-kou, Problems and solutions on thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • “Introductory Nuclear Physics”, K S Krane, (Wiley, 1988)
  • “Nuclear and Particle Physics: An Introduction”, B R Martin, (Wiley, 2006)
  • “Nuclear and Particle Physics”, W S C Williams, (OUP, 1997)
  • “Introduction to Nuclear Physics”, W N Cottingham & D A Greenwood, (CUP, 2001)