I'm Rintarn Saengsai a.k.a. Ahjungs! I was born and raised in a small town in north eastern of Thailand, the latest new province of Thailand, Bungkan. Bungkan is a very nice place to live, a quiet place, and a lot of yummy food.

I started my education by receiving my bachelor degree of science in Nuclear  and Particle Physics from Prince of Songkla University. And then I have my masters degree of science in Particle Physics from Suranaree University of Technology. During that time, I was working as research assistant for Nuclear and Particle Physics research group and also teaching physics laboratory in some trimester. Likewise, I had an intern experience at Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology, and also study abroad experiences in short courses at some international schools.

I love physics, technology, and adventures. In my spare time I enjoy watching movie, surfing the internet, blogging about random topic on my site, and also filming video about my activities. Sometime I enjoy hiking or wandering outside if the weather is good. Besides physics, I have a goal for climbing. I first climbed the mountain when I was 17. Even through I do not have much experiences, I have a dream to conquer Mt. Everest before I'm 70.

My inspiration :

I remember the time that I traveled over 1,670 kilometers, from my hometown in the northeastern part of Thailand to the southern part, to pursue a dream of studying physics at Prince of Songkla University. That was the farthest distance from my home I had ever traveled at that time. Soon the train arrived the destination, my physics journey began. There was the first place where I started developing not only my deeply interest in physics but also my personality over years in university.

I have been inspired by the University’s mottoas, which was addressed by His Royal Highness Prince Mahidol of Songkla, the Royal Father of His Majesty the King Bhumibol;

"Let considerations of personal gain take second place to the overall benefit of Mankind; prestige and prosperity are the natural rewards of dedication to work."

Until this day, my inspiration has never changed.

Rintarn Saengsai