I'm study physics, I'm not scared. @_@

This morning, I wanted to scream!!! when I found coiled lizard in my milo cup.

I think it's dead. So, I tried to rid the body of it.

"I'm study physics, I'm not scared." I told myself.

>> By the scene <<

It coiled in my milo cup. It's dead. And I want to throw it away. Hmm..

>> My Idea <<

Easy!! Just throw my Milo cup away, then the lizard inside will go away from me. 555+ LOL

>> The real situation <<

I put a large trash bag cover around a cup and try to turn it over slowly.

Unexpectedly, the lizard jump out of the bag.......

OMG!!!.....Greet!!!!! Greet! and Greet!!

It seems dazed and confused but it's not dead.

Now no time to think.

Suddenly I leapt out of the room immediately.

Best choice. If I can't get it out of my room.

I was just get myself out of my room.