SAFARIK ; Lecturer in 2nd CST 2012 @ SUT

First name : Karel
Born : 5 September 1953, Bratislava (Slovakia, at that time Czechoslovakia)
Nationality : Slovak


In 1971 - 1976 studied theoretical physics at Comenius University, Bratislava. Graduated in 1976, received title RNDr for thesis on high-pt hadron production in high-energy collisions. In 1976 started to work as assistant in Physics Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. At the end of 1977 moved to Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna (Russia, at that time Soviet Union). Working in experimental group on experiments at Serpukhov accelerator and with theoreticians form JINR, Dubna and Lenigrad Institute of Nuclear Physics on particle-physics phenomenology. In 1989 received soviet scientific degree for the experimental study of the rho-meson tensor polarization. Then moved back to Czechoslovakia, appointed as research scientist at Institute of Experimental Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences in Kosice. A year later invited to College de France in Paris, to participate in the study of higher-twist corrections in quantum chromodynamics. During this three-years stay starting to collaborate with CERN, became a deputy spokesperson of WA97 experiment, and in 1992 member of the executive committee of ALICE collaboration, preparing a heavy-ion experiment for the LHC. In 1993 arrived to CERN as scientific associate, and in 1997 became a staff member physicist. Was one of the designers of ALICE experiment, later software coordinator, developing tracking software for ALICE. Since 2003, till the end of the last year, physics coordinator of the ALICE experiment. At the beginning of this year appointed as group leader of ALICE physics and computing group in CERN Physics Department. In 1971 received the first prize at International Olympiad in Physics in Sofia (Bulgaria), in 1984 awarded JINR prize for young physicists, and in 2001 prize of Slovak Academy of Sciences. Author and co-author of more than 200 scientific publications.