M.Sc. Seminar I

Oral presentation in Seminar I 3/2551

Topic : Scattering-Free Plasmonic Optics with Anisotropic Metamaterials
Speaker : Rintarn Saengsai (m5110186)
Place : NSRC Seminar Room, Suranaree University of Technology.
Date : 26 February 2009

SUT  Physics

Seminar I
Speaker: Rintarn  Saengsai                                                                    Date: 26 Feb. 2009    
Student ID: M5110186                                                                            Place: NSRC Seminar Room
Scattering-Free Plasmonic Optics with Anisotropic Metamaterials

This seminar, I will talk about theoretically for develop an approach to utilize anisotropic metamaterials to solve the fundamental problem of parasitic scattering of surface waves into free-space modes. And the practical problems of electromagnetic waves they lose energy whenever they encounter something other than a plain surface. The calculations show how to eliminate the energy loss of this wave.
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